Clean & Safe

Your Opo Apartments provide continuous training to our workers and an awareness campaign and information on all the apartments.

- We make available to all our workers disinfectant gel, masks and gloves;

- To each department are assigned individual protective equipment fitted to each function performed, according to the guidelines by Directorate-General of Health.

- On distinct spots in the building are made available disinfectants for everyone’s regular use.

- The cleaning plan implemented on common areas and apartments is according to the standards requested by authorities.

Common Areas

The common areas comply a regular and periodic disinfecting plan with special attention to surfaces more exposed to contact such as counters, doorknobs, elevator buttons, etc.;

The reception counters (when existing) are properly disinfected anytime used, as well as all the equipment used during check-in;

Prevention plan specific for all areas.


Building’s capacity management adjusted, guarantying fewer occupied apartments;

Suited cleaning supplies are used including single use supplies that guaranty an effective disinfection;

The cleaning of the apartments is accomplished in phases and with standards suited to the requirements of the current situation;

All products held in the apartments as well as all surfaces are properly disinfected during each cleaning procedure.