What to do in Porto?

One day in town - The choices of our team


Rui chooses some things than can be done during the morning or the afternoon:

 “The most part of the Points of Interest in town is seen by foot. So you better wear your most comfortable shoes and follow my instructions:

- Go to the upper level of D. Luis Bridge and cross it by foot; it’s a near-radical experience!

- Climb until the Monastery of Serra do Pilar and enjoy the view. One of the best views that you will ever have of the city is here. This place will most certainly do the wonders of the photography lovers! Take the chance to go down by the cliffs until Ribeira de Gaia, or, if you prefer, take the cable car.

- And finish with a visit to the Port Wine houses. No trip to Porto may be over without getting to know the universe of Port. Go on a guided tour in one of the many cellars and find out some of the best hidden secrets that there are in each bottle of Port!”


Cláudia’s proposal is something to be done at the end of day/early evening:

 “A trip to Porto will not be complete without three things:

 - Do the tram line until Foz (the river delta); the trip takes around 45 minutes and it has an unforgettable charm. The ideal time for taking the perfect picture of your holidays. Tickets can be bought inside the tram.

- Watch the sunset on the beach; the city ends with the Atlantic Ocean and nothing is better than watching the sunset by the sea, in one of the many beach bars along the shore.

- And have a magnificent fish for dinner in Matosinhos. Matosinhos is a city that is just North of Porto, also by the ocean. This is the best place to have fish in all the region – it is impossible to be fresher!”


Hugo suggests an early-bird path that starts before Sunrise:

 “Porto is a surprising town that can be enjoyed in all the 24h of each day. My choices gather tradition and modern times:

- Get out of bed before Sunrise and go for a walk or a bike ride on the riverside. The fresh air in the morning will make you wake up in a much better mood and with a lot of appetite! As an alternative, someowhat more ‘radical’, previously book a climb to the arch of the Arrábida bridge. It’s a very recent activity, but I totally recommend the view from up there!

- Replace your energies with a breakfast or a brunch to die for. Brunch is a huge trend in town and there are several places that serve them. Look for places so different as the ancient Café Progresso, the famous Leitaria Quinta do Paço or the Lounge Bar at Porto Palácio Hotel.

- Enjoy the rest of your day and relax in one of the many public gardens the city has to offer. The Virtudes public garden, recently given back to the city, is perfect for a peaceful early afternoon. Bring your book and loose the track of time!”