Terms & Conditions


In order to make your online reservationat YourOpo Apartments you have several options: through our website, through the email address reservas@youropoapartments.com or through the phone number +351 919 472 801 during our central services’ schedule (10h-22h).

Minimum length of stay : 2 nights
The payment of the total amount of the stay is done at the moment of the reservation and it is reimbursable until seven days before the date of arrival, according to our Cancelation and Reservation Change policies.
Before you complete the reservation you must know and agree with the service’s Terms and Conditions.
We will confirm the reservation through email as soon as this process is completed; we will use the email address provided in the reservation form. Your reservation is considered valid only after you receive the confirmation email.

Weekly and Monthly Reservations

Longer stays (for periods of a week and more) benefit from special conditions; please require more information through the email address reservas@youropoapartments.com or through the phone number + 351 919 472 801 during our central services’ schedule (10h-22h).

Cancelation and Reservation Change policies

Your reservation may be cancelled up to seven days before the date of your arrival; the total amount of your stay is refunded, after deducing the expenses of this reimbursement, supported by the client. This transaction will be done within five working days.

In case of no-show, the total amount of the reservation (100%) will be charged, since the cancelation was not done within the free cancelation period (seven days before).

The change of dates or guest number in a reservation is always submitted to approval and relies on the availability of apartments.

In case of an impossibility to occupy the chosen apartment, YourOpo Apartments guarantee the swap to a similar or a better apartment.

YourOpo Apartments are aware of some unpredictable situations and therefore recommend the subscription of a trip insurance that covers cancelations.

Extraordinary cases

In some rare cases, the apartments may be unavailable or inhabitable after the reservation, usually due to facts that are out of our control and therefore not our responsibility. In these circumstances, we will activate all our means to host our clients in other units that we own, with the same amount as previously agreed. In the cases that there is no such availability, YourOpo Apartments cannot be held responsible by any additional costs above the initially agreed nor guarantee an alternative lodgement. In the cases that the relocation is impossible, the total amount of your stay will be reimbursed.

Check In / Check Out

In order to provide a better service, YourOpo Apartments request an approximate time of your arrival.

The access to the apartments can be done independently, whenever the late check-in is requested (after 22h). A specific email will be sent with the steps to follow in order to open the outter door and the safe box with the keys to the apartment. The access codes are personal and shall not be shared with anyone. We recommend that you save them on your mobile phone and that you have our phone number at hand, for a more effective communication.

The apartment that will be assigned to you will be ready after 15:00. In special cases the apartment may be available sooner and in that case you will be granted the early access to it. In case that is not possible, you can keep your luggage in our Luggage Room. If the building of your choice does not have a Luggage Room, you may use the one in our central building, at 397 Rua Sá da Bandeira.

The apartment should be vacant until 12h, when the cleaning team will get inside the apartment.

A later check-out may be requested and it will be authorized depending on the availability of the apartment and of the cleaning team’s schedule. The late check-out may imply the payment of 50% of the payment for one night.

After the check-out schedule you may temporarily leave your luggage in the Luggage Room.

Cleaning and Maintenance

YourOpo Apartments guarantee that the chosen apartment will be in perfect conditions by the time of the guests’ arrival, namely that the beds were made with clean linen, clean body and face towels are provided and that the kitchen, bathroom and all the areas were clean.
Our rates don’t include daily cleaning. Towels and bedlinen are changed in longer stays.
During your stay, you are required to keep the apartment tidy and clean. At the departure, all the garbage shall be packed and ready to be picked up. The amount of your stay includes the cleaning of the apartment at the end of stay, therefore there is no extra fee for that.


Neither YourOpo Apartments nor the owner of the apartments themselves will be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage that may occur as a consequence of misuse of the apartment by its guests, including damage to thewhole or part of the apartment, theft, criminal behaviour or inadequate use of the facilities and the equipment in them by handicapped people or for children’s safety. Furthermore, they will not be held responsible for failures from the public local service providers (gas, electricity, water, telephone or internet).

Number of persons

At the reservation process the number of guests that will occupy the apartment shall be provided. Any change to the number of guests shall be reported to YourOpo Apartments at least 48h before the arrival date and it will be subject to the availability and the maximum capacity of each apartment.
All guests must be identified at the check-in.
Children up to 4 years old are not considered in the number of guests. If requested with time, a cot can be provided if needed, as well as a baby trolley, some toys/games and other equipments during your stay, but always subject to availability.
The use of the apartment by a higher number of guests than the one that was declared at the reservation may imply the payment of an additional fee or the refusal of the occupation of such an apartment.


Pets are usually not allowed in our apartments. If you wish to bring your pet with you, please inform us of that previously.


It is not allowed to smoke inside the apartments nor the areas common to all apartments.


We expect from all our guests the respect and the behaviour compatible with the well-being and the rest of all the other guests, in order to provide all a pleasant stay without any surprises.

We beg that the following rules are abided:

• There shall be a special care for silence between 23h and 9h;
• It is not allowed to smoke inside the apartments nor the common areas;
• Guests shall check, when going out of the apartment, that all lights, electric equipment and air conditioned are switched off. This gesture avoids risk of fire as well as unnecessary spending of energy. Ecology starts in our every-day gestures.
• Guests shall care for the maintenance, cleanliness and good shape of the apartment and all the furniture, equipment and all the items included.
• Guests shall leave all their garbage packed and ready to be thrown out.
• Guests shall check, for their own safety and of their belongings, if the door to the apartment and to the street were properly closed. YourOpo Apartments will not be held responsible for any thefts or robberies that might occur during your stay.
• Any damage in the apartment or anything inside must be immediately reported to the management, that will evaluate if there will be place to an extra fee to the guest.

The severe violation of these rules or the proof of bad conduct by a guest may imply the expulsion of all the occupants in an apartment, without any refund of the amount paid.


YourOpo Apartments have the right to change the information in its website at any time, of which content is is the only and exclusive proprietary. The general conditions of this service are described in the website itself and it is entirely the guest’s responsibility its reading and acknowledging.


According to the Law 144/2015 we inform that, n case of litigation, the consumer may recur to the Centro de Informação de Consumo e Arbitragem do Porto, at Rua de Damião de Góis 31, Loja 6.
Telephone: 225029791 or website www.cicap.pt